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Informationen für Promovierende und Postdocs - Information for doctoral candidates & postdoctoral researchers


Registration for the Researcher Development Program (RDP)

You have to log in first before you can join a course.

Start with 1 below, if you have a central university ID but you are not logged in to the ILIAS gateway of the Graduate Academy

Go to 2 (“Join a Course in the Researcher Development Program”) directly, if you are already logged into the system and your account has already been activated by us, but you do not know how to join a course.
Please note that two different ILIAS environments exist, the public university ILIAS and the ILIAS gateway of the Graduate Academy.
It is NOT POSSIBLE to be logged into both systems at the same time / in the same internet browser.

1 Log into ILIAS with Your Central University ID

Step 1

Go to the red stripe on the top of the site and click on "Login".
Step 2

Click on >> Login with central university ID <<.
Step 3

Sign in with your Login-ID and your central password.
Step 4

If you register for the ILIAS gateway of the Graduate Academy for the first time we will check your current status as post-doctoral researcher at the University of Tübingen.
Once your status has been confirmed, we will activate your account and you will receive a welcome email. After that you can browse the program and register for courses (see also 2).

2 Join a Course in the Researcher Development Program

Step 1

Choose a course you would like to join on the program site.
You can access the program here.
Step 2

Click on the tab "Join".
If you cannot see the tab "Join", you are not logged into the ILIAS gateway of the Graduate Academy.
Please start with 2 in that case (see Page Overview at the top of this page).
Step 3

You have to tick the box, showing that you accept that the listed data will be visible to course admnistrators.

Confirm by clicking "Send".

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