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Informationen für Promovierende und Postdocs - Information for doctoral candidates & postdoctoral researchers


Doctoral Degree Regulations

☀ Deutsche Version: Promotionsordnungen
This page is currently being updated. In case of questions, please feel free to email the Graduate Academy:

1 General Information on Enrollment As a Doctoral Candidate

Compulsory Enrollment: Since 30.03.2018 for newly accepted doctoral candidates

After being accepted as a doctoral candidate by the faculty, you must enroll at the Student Administration of the University, see section 38, paragraph 5, 1st half of sentence one in the “Landeshochschulgesetz” [LHG], which is the Higher Education Law of Baden Württemberg. On the website of the Student Administration you can find further information on enrolling as a doctoral candidate. There are advantages to being enrolled - for instance, you get a student email account and you can use University facilities, such as the university library.
  • Doctoral candidates whose main employer is the University of Tübingen, that means if the employment contract is for at least half of a full-time position, can be exempt from compulsory enrollment according to section 38, paragraph 5, 2nd half of sentence one in the LHG.
  • All doctoral candidates that have already been accepted as a doctoral candidate before March 30th 2018 are entitled to enrollment, but there is no obligation to enroll.

2 Faculty of Protestant Theology

3 Faculty of Catholic Theology

4 Faculty of Law

5 Faculty of Medicine

6 Faculty of Humanities

7 Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

8 Faculty of Science

9 Neuroschool - Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience

10 Center of Islamic Theology

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