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ONLINE - Good Scientific Practice in the Life Sciences

02.11.-16.11.2020, online - Dr. Martina Bross, Dr. Inka Montero


Target Group
- Doctoral Candidates starting their project (1st year)
- Doctoral Candidates in the research phase (2nd and 3rd year)
- Doctoral Candidates from Medicine and the Life Sciences
This online course combines material and assignments participants will work on themselves and two live online seminars.
Course materials and assignments will be sent on Monday, November 2nd. The online seminars will take place on Monday, November 9th (15:00-17:00) and on Monday, November 16th (15:00-17:00). Participants will have to complete all elements of the course including the online assignments and both live online seminars.
In this interactive workshop you will learn about:
  • general principles of good scientific practice
  • work on and reflect guidelines for good scientific practice and regulations at our University
  • historic cases of scientific misconduct (to provide some context)
  • scientific misconduct, your personal "no-gos" and values in science,
  • data documentation
  • how authorship should be defined
In addition we will discuss:
  • special pitfalls during different stages of your PhD research and where and how you can find support during your PhD time
  • your personal experiences, questions and doubts
Our trainers
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Please note that only Doctoral Candidates from Medicine and the Life Sciences can take part in this course. The Medical Faculty DOES recognize this course. It is primarily aimed at English speaking doctoral candidates who cannot take part in the German speaking courses offered by the Medical Faculty. If you can take part in a German course, please check the website of the  Medical Faculty.

If you do not have a University Tübingen Mail Account with Login ID, please contact us in time. In order for you to access the course material, we will have to create a guest account for you.
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